“‘One should either be a work of Art, or wear a work of Art.’  This quote from Oscar Wilde describes my life's pursuit--to express my artistic obsession through every aspect of who I am, from head to shoes.

Ariel Maile Adkins’ mission is to be a living work of art each day.  Author of Artfully Awear, a personal style blog geared at dovetailing art and fashion, Ariel creates garments and outfits inspired by artwork from all different genres, mediums, and eras, from Ancient Egypt to Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism to graffiti. On any given day, you could find Ariel channeling Japanese prints by wearing a Hokusai wave-printed vintage dress, a hand-painted frock reminiscent of Jackson Pollock, or a sequin-encrusted minidress inspired by the contemporary work of El Anatsui.  Ariel has also branched out into teaching, creating a workshop inspired by her mission called Artfully Awear: Learn How to Dress Like a Work of Art and Create Your Own Masterpiece.
With a background in Studio Art and Art History, as well as a graduate degree in Art Market, Ariel is able to discuss academically and with fervor the artwork and artists that inspire her.  She is involved in the art scene in New York City and abroad, attending as many openings, gallery exhibitions, and museum shows as her schedule allows.  Working as a cultural ambassador for Twitter, she is able to add to her network of inspiration every day.

Ariel enjoys painting, sewing, traveling, and vintage and thrift shopping, scouting the perfect piece to represent artwork that is currently on her mind.

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