Monday, July 16, 2018


Just outside the city of Chartres, France, lies a masterpiece: La Maison Picassiette.  A home and garden covered entirely with ceramic patterns, it is a colorful compilation of mosaic created by the late Raymond Isidore.  A graveyard attendant and cleaner by day, and artistic genius by night, Isidore collected over 15 tons of broken pottery to adorn his modest home, inside and outside.  He even covered the furniture with mosaics!  Begun in 1039, he obsessively continued the project for almost 30 years. In 1954, Isidore was honored when the great artist Pablo Picasso visited his home to see the remarkable work and glean inspiration.  Isidore passed away in 1964, and his home is now a landmark and museum maintained by the city of Chartres.  I just love this story of an ordinary man whose creativity and dedication earned him recognition by one of the world's greatest artists and a museum of his own!  I painted this skirt inspired by Isidore's magnificent home.   Click here to learn more!

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