Wednesday, January 11, 2017


I’m back in New York City and am catching up on sharing some experiences from my travels over the past few weeks.  Thanks to those of you who followed along on Instagram!

I started my journey in San Miguel de Allende, a small, colorful town a few hours Northwest of Mexico City.  It is a haven for artists and artisans, and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed roaming the quaint streets and peeping into colorful shops.

The highlight of my visit to San Miguel was the Chapel of Jimmy Ray, a complex outside the city where Anado McLauchlin, a California transplant, has established an artistic oasis.  A plot of land filled with his art, his home, a gallery, and his workshop, the Chapel is just one of the structures on the property.  Anado himself is a hilarious, warm, and chatty individual, and his husband Richard is equally inviting.  Anado and Richard showed us around their property, and we marveled at all the work that went into the many mosaics which cover most of the structures.  Their house is a wonder in and of itself, filled with colorful curiosities and their artwork as well as that of their friends.

I felt wonderfully inspired by all of the beauty that Anado and Richard had created, and the fact that they continuously work to bring more color and beauty to their surroundings.  I also felt a strong sense of gratitude at being able to meet Anado and see his work and hear him speak about it – so often the work of artists is only discovered and cherished after they are gone.  I was able to make a real connection with both Anado and Richard that I will treasure for years to come.

Photos by William Sealy.