Friday, August 30, 2013


During a downtown afternoon which included a stop at my favorite dumpling shop and a visit to the New Museum, I was fortuitously dressed to match the legendary Bowery and Houston mural, currently occupied by a collaboration between graffiti writers REVOK and POSE.  It consists of a sampling of tags from many different late writers, including Dondi, Iz the Whiz, Nekst, Tie, CASE2, Ayer, Rammellzee, Vaughn Bode, and took 6 days to complete.

"With layers of tributes to fallen graffiti writers, shout-outs to friends and family, and heartfelt thanks to the host city that sparked a global graffiti scene decades earlier (including this very spot), the visiting thirty something graffiti brothers couldn't quite quantify the depth of feeling they were experiencing as they slowly smashed a big wall in the heart of Manhattan."  Read the full recap here.

Silk Pants: Talulah
Tank: H&M
Sandals: Miss Trish Sslither
Straw Handbag: vintage
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban aviators

Photos by Kathy Paciello.


  1. I continue to really enjoy what you're up to with these posts. Many of my friends who very much admire art deride fashion and cannot comprehend the connection between the two.

    This post reminds me of one of my own. The mural doesn't begin to compare but the colours are similar:

    1. Gorgeous! I love the vibrant color and think that few designers can do prints quite as well as Pucci, which is probably why they are imitated so often! Love your maxi dress.

    2. Thanks! As I think I've said, my field is really literature but, to me, literature is one of the arts and I'm interested in all the arts. I try to make my blog incorporate those loves, both in the text and in the images.

  2. Love the colorful combo and the backdrop art is gorgeous of course.

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