Friday, April 19, 2013


I'd like to present the third in my series of posts sponsored by Pantone colors, featuring Knockout Pink. This one is tricky, as it appears much more neon in person than the swatch below.
Nearly all of my posts are inspired by established artists and their work.  This time, I'd like to present a student work, Cai Xi Silver's Pink Slips Flying, part of the Art=WorkStrengthenNourish project.

Pink Slips Flying exists as an outdoor installation, a wind-powered sculpture, and as a video work.

An MFA candidate at Vermont College of Fine Arts, Cai Xi's installation draws on the concept of the "pink slip" as termination notice and simultaneously as a woman's undergarment.

I find this work intriguing because of its use of the textile in an environment, vaguely referencing Christo's Surrounded Islands, my favorite environmental installation.

The billowing fabric also calls to mind the Ann Hamilton installation I discussed recently.

Shoes: Betsey Johnson (similar here with a higher heel and platform)
Reptile Minaudiere: Lauren Merkin Lucca (on clearance here)

Photos by @kay_elle_pea, video stills from Cai Xi's vimeo page.


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