Monday, July 16, 2012

10th TRIBE

10th Tribe is a new line of clothing created in New York City with a Minimalist aesthetic and wear-everyday quality.

Robert Ryman, Archive, 1980

When I was introduced to their signature line, I noted the stark contrasts and monochromatic palette that is also characteristic of the work of Robert Ryman.

Ryman (b. 1930) is a minimalist artist who paints primarily in monochrome, focusing on the materials used in painting rather than depicting a subject.

Robert Ryman, Series #33 (White), 2004

Much like the Ryman's paintings, the 10th Tribe collection focuses on the material of the garments rather than print or style.

With geometric lines and the occasional faint cross design, each piece in the 10th Tribe collection exists as a monochrome and reflects the modern simplicity of the brand.

Robert Ryman, Classico 5, 1968

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[Ryman images from and; 10th Tribe images from]


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