Thursday, June 14, 2012


I recently discovered the work of Yangyang Pan (b. 1976) via The Jealous Curator, and was struck by the beautiful painterly quality of the works, made modern by electric color.

Pan was born and trained artistically in Sichuan, China, and now lives and works in Ontario, Canada.

Her website describes her paintings as "full of satisfaction" and relates her use of brushstrokes to Chinese calligraphy, which she uses to represent landscape and flora.

Personally, I find the oil-on-canvas works to be reminiscent of one of my very favorite Abstract Expressionist artists, Joan Mitchell. View my Mitchell post here.

I'm wearing a dress from the Brooklyn Flea and Kork-Ease sandals.
Photos by @kay_elle_pea at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Pan's work is currently on view at Madelyn Jordon Fine Art.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Me, midday, 2012
Anthony Caro, Midday, 1964

People have asked me to describe what my sculpture is about and I keep on saying its like music. What I think I mean by that is that Im trying to take out the whole business of it being pieces of steel that are used in engineering, pieces of steel that are used in architecture. I just happen to use those materials instead of using notes.

I'm wearing a Cynthia Steffe dress, Lovely People sandals, and a vintage belt.

[Photo of me by MF, Caro photo from]