Thursday, May 31, 2012

You Are Here.

These photos were taken in front of Ellie Balk's public art work, You Are Here, which symbolically connects the neighborhoods of Clinton Hill and Fort Greene in Brooklyn.  The red dot in the middle represents the exact location of the mural within the surrounding geography.

"The purpose of this mural is to connect these two diverse neighborhoods into one place and to raise awareness of just how close we are to each other." -Ellie Balk

I thought the colorful woven design of my clutch perfectly embodied the mural itself, as well as Balk's idea of the meshing together of the community.

I'm wearing a Tracy Reese dress, Havaianas, and  Cleobella clutch.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Lucio Fontana (1899-1968) was an Italian artist and proponent of Spatialism and Arte Povera.

Spatialism is characterized by a focus on "matter, colour, and sound motion", as described in the White Manifesto of 1946.

Arte Povera sought to separate art from commerce and the hierarchies of wealth and status, making it more accessible to the public at large.

The works shown here are from the Spatial Concept series, which Fontana began in 1949.  He referred to these works as tagli, the Italian word for slashes.

Fontana created tagli out of various media, including metal, clay, terracotta, paint, and glass.  The works shown here are probably the most well known of the series, and are simply slit canvases, which accomplish a surprising illusion of depth.

The above work, Teresita, which was dedicated to Fontana's wife, famously brought $11.6 million at auction at Christie's in 2008.

I'm wearing an H&M dress, Fashion Against AIDS necklace, and Ecote shoes.

[Fontana images from,, and  Photos by Meri.]