Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Continuing the theme of art in public places begun in my last outfit post, I've always been inspired by street art.  I took these few photos while running errands, and they are just a tiny sampling of the work that I pass on a daily basis.

Anonymous or attributed, street art can be found nearly everywhere, and can take the form of almost any media.  See one of my previous posts on the Kenny Scharf mural here.

Because it often exists outside the traditional context for artwork, street art is privileged with the opportunity to give the viewer pause, and possibly make a statement about the relationship between art and its environment.

Street art is regularly covered, removed, or defaced without notice.  Because of its ephemeral nature, I always photograph any work I find interesting, as it may be gone the next time I pass.

I'm wearing the Brooklyn Canvas dress, courtesy of Sugarlips, Uniqlo jeans, an H&M necklace, and Joe Fresh boots.

Photos by Kathy, Chelsea, and me.  Thanks to Sugarlips for their affiliation with Artfully Awear.


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