Thursday, December 8, 2011



I recently thrifted a book of painting and sculpture from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and came across the work of Robert H. Hudson (b. 1938), a Bay Area sculptor.


Hudson's work was new to me, but combined a few of my favorite things:  Abstract Expressionism, the Bay Area color palette, and assemblage.


Hudson began as a painter (comparable to the work of Richard Diebenkorn, also from the Bay Area) and slowly moved toward a combination of painting, sculpture, and found objects, eventually known as Funk Art Assemblage.

Robert Hudson-Signature

"Drawing from a reservoir of images, memories, ideas, and stories, he has developed a unique and ever-expanding language which he puts to use in a multitude of mediums."


I'm wearing a thrifted skirt worn as a dress, vintage leather belt, thrifted and DIY jean jacket, Lauren Merkin clutch, and Tory Burch boots.


[Hudson images from,, and; quote from San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: The Painting and Sculpture Collection, 1985.]


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