Wednesday, November 2, 2011

ART TO WEAR: Atelier.

I recently had the pleasure of viewing the first capsule collection from the artist and designer collaborative Atelier. Scottish artist Lucy McKenzie and designer Beca Lipscombe created a collection of high quality, made-to-order garments, specifically engineered for those who work in creative or artistic capacities.

The collection, part of The Inventors of Tradition project, is meant to underscore the very best in Scottish textile and fashion manufacturing, referencing the solidification of national identity through the industry since the 1930s.

Working with tailor Steven Purvis under the notion that quality=traditional, the collection succeeds in "responding to tradition with a sensuous and independent femininity" and accomplishes "elegant self-respect in dress for working life." I was deeply impressed by the level of craftsmanship of each individual piece, as well as the timelessness of the collection as a whole.

Images from The Inventors of Tradition Collection 2011 Lookbook, Thea Westreich/Ethan Wagner Publications.

View more pieces from the collection and read more about Atelier at

Many thanks to my colleagues at Art Advisory Services for the gracious press packet and tour of the collection.


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