Monday, September 26, 2011



Damp, early fall afternoons on the shore call to mind the abstract work of American artist Arthur Dove.

Dove (1880-1946) is frequently considered to be the first American abstract painter, who began his artistic career as an illustrator for Harper's Magazine and The Saturday Evening Post.


Dove believed that his artwork's main component should be spiritual, and was inspired by landscape and life as a farmer and fisherman. Dove referred to his artistic style as extraction; that is, he aimed to isolate the essential aspects from a scene.


Upon returning from a period of living abroad in Europe, Dove became acquainted with photographer and art gallerist extraordinaire, Alfred Stieglitz, who is credited with commercializing Dove's art career.


Dove received his first one-man show at Stieglitz's legendary 291 gallery in 1912, which was the first exhibit of abstract art by an American artist.


Duncan Phillips, founder of the Phillips Collection, became acquainted with Dove's work through his exhibitions at 291 and later, Intimate Gallery and An American Place. Dove's work helped Phillips to realize the process behind abstraction, and he became Dove's most prominent collector. The majority of Dove's oeuvre is now housed by the Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C.


"We cannot express the light in nature because we have not the sun. We can only express the light we have in ourselves." --Arthur Dove


I'm wearing an Elizabeth & James caftan and French Connection necklace.

[Dove images from,,,, and, respectively.]DSC_0054


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