Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Though I don't discriminate against clothing or accessories based on age or era, many of my favorite pieces are vintage. Obviously there are many reasons to love vintage clothing, but the most interesting aspect for me is comparing the aged styles with their art historical counterparts.

Whether the elaborate costumes portrayed by Toulouse-Lautrec of the women of the Moulin Rouge, or the stark geometrics of Minimalism, there is much to be learned from the influence of art on fashion and vice versa.

For example, this suit from the 1960s bears a striking resemblance to Frank Stella's Black Paintings from the same decade.

As the polar opposite of Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism became the signature aesthetic style of the Sixties.

The Minimalist aesthetic extended into nearly every aspect of design, including interiors, product design, advertising, architecture, and, obviously, fashion.

Frank Stella (previously discussed here) was one of the most important Minimalist artists. His most famous minimalist work, Die Fahne Hoch! (Raise the Flag!) was completed in 1959 and set the stage for a large number of similar works created throughout the Sixties, depicted here.

For the most part I stayed true to the decade with this look--pairing the suit with vintage accessories, and, of course, a few signature passages of color.

I'm wearing a 1960s Bill Blass jacket and skirt, thrifted cashmere sweater, vintage scarf, vintage Nicholas Reich reptile handbag, vintage earrings, Falke Pure Matte tights in Turmaline, and K* suede booties.

The winner of the $35 CSN stores giveaway is Amy of Plenty for Pennies! Congratulations, and thank you for all of your lovely comments!

[Stella images from,,, and, respectively.]


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