Thursday, March 3, 2011


If I was forced to choose my favorite art movement, it would have to be Abstract Expressionism. It is a great movement to initiate a discussion of art because the works are very open to interpretation, and I love the fact that each AbEx artist had such a distinct style.

I also enjoy the backstory of the rowdy group of artists convening nightly at the Cedar Tavern in the 1950s, sharing artistic criticism, more than a few disagreements, and undeniable camaraderie.

There is an overwhelming aura of male bravado surrounding the Abstract Expressionists; however, a few women are included in the movement as well: namely Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Mitchell, and Lee Krasner (1908-1984), wife of Jackson Pollock.

Krasner worked in the style of neo-Cubist abstraction, and often cut apart her own work to reassemble it as a collage.

She studied painting under famed artist-instructor Hans Hoffman, who said of her work: "This is so good you would not know it was painted by a woman."

Though his tumultuous life was cut short, Pollock and Krasner shared an intimate critical relationship that benefited their separate bodies of work immensely. In some works, Pollock's influence is not as visible, and in others (like the one above) you can clearly see the the influence of action painting.

For me, Krasner's work bears a unique color sense that really sets her paintings apart from the other AbEx works.

I was particularly inspired by her use of fuchsia, viridian green, and yellow ochre, which I worked into an ensemble inspired by her palette.

I'm wearing a vintage silk blouse, vintage sweater, Forever 21 leather and suede skirt (who knew they sold real leather pieces?), Hue tights, Frye wedges, vintage necklace, and Sorial suede handbag.

Thank you to Shey of Modesty is Pretty for featuring me on her blog!

[Krasner images from,,,, and, respectively.]


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