Friday, February 25, 2011


A few readers have asked if my outfits begin with the art as inspiration, or whether I style up a look and then find art that coordinates. To be honest, it goes both ways. But more often than not, I'll see something in my closet or on the rack--a color, a print, a shape--that reminds me of a work of art. Then I build around that idea to come up with an outfit that reflects the work I had in mind.

In the case of this ensemble, I immediately knew of the comparison I would draw when I spotted this outfit at a local thrift store. I loved the bright colors and cartoon-like shapes, two elements that undeniably correlate with the work of Elizabeth Murray.

Inspired by a range of artists, including Cezanne, Johns, and Rauschenberg, Murray (1940-2007) created large-scale wall pieces, utilizing meticulously shaped canvases and kindergarten colors.

Murray began her works with an object in mind, and then let her imagination run wild, creating sculptural paintings that reflected the inner and outer workings of the object and her own mind. Actually, that's a lot like the way I put outfits together!

"Art is an epiphany in a coffee cup." --Elizabeth Murray

For me, the print of this outfit was undeniably reminiscent of Elizabeth Murray's colorful forms. To balance it out, I added black boots and a belt, and a few colorful accessories as well.

I'm wearing a vintage silk blouse and skirt, BCBG booties, vintage pink purse, vintage leather belt, and African and street vendor bangles.

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[Murray images from, and, respectively.]