Tuesday, November 30, 2010


One day I'm wearing woolly tights and fur-lined boots and the next I'm tromping through the underbrush barelegged. Not that I'm complaining--I'll take fall as long as it wants to stick around.

This outfit and setting was inspired by an artist I recently discovered while perusing the MoMA collection. Per Kirkeby is a Danish Expressionist, currently living and working as a painter, sculptor, and filmmaker.

The painting below is entitled New Shadows. I love how Kirkeby's work appears abstract at first glance, but incorporates subtle figural elements.

Kirkeby began painting late in his artistic career, and is probably most well-known for his architectural works and set design for the New York City Ballet, but I think his paintings are extremely interesting.

There is something eerie about Kirkeby's paintings--the way the colors shift from dark to light and the unintelligible figures are quite mysterious.

I love the incredibly bold palette used by Kirkeby to achieve the deep space in these works.

I've really enjoyed utilizing the fall landscape as a background--it automatically adds a whole new dimension to my outfits.

I'm wearing a vintage silk dress, vintage belt, Franco Sarto boots, and a vintage button ring.

[Per Kirkeby images from,,, and, respectively.]


  1. truly great surprise when you schroll past the bold colours in the 7th picture to you in the 8th! Perfectly placed and a perfectly matched art with your day's outfit.

  2. Amazing!!! You look so beautiful...
    Gorgeous photos and post.
    Lovely blog!!!

  3. Those paintings would be perfection in my house.

  4. Hello,
    I found your blog through the Satorialist. You have a really cool idea of bringing art and fashion together, love it! I'm also an artist (I only had 2 college painting classes) but it's who I am. I haven't found a blog like your, it's unique and inspiring!

  5. p.s. correction, not painting classes but drawing classes ;)

  6. I love your silk dress and your inspiration. I really love the abstractness of the paintings.

  7. I really like this ensemble! It looks like you took your inspiration directly from the paint, that's wonderful



  8. thanks for the comment! hope you find some amazing vintage soon!!


  9. That ring is beautiful!! I find new ways to look at the paintings after I read your posts!! xoxoxoxo

  10. i love this look and the paintings! you are one seriously stylish lady.

  11. i love this print,i have one pant very similar.

  12. What beautiful background staging for your pics! Autumn is my favorite time of the year. Sadly though, we already have snow!

    Maryjane xoxo

  13. great pics!
    i realy love receiving your comments- so sweet! can't wait for MORE :) ...and have you seen k come karolina on bloglovin, facebook and twitter?

    xoxo from rome

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