Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I can't believe the holidays are here again. Time really does fly nowadays--does anyone else think so? I'm so very thankful for another season to spend with friends and family and hope this month and the new year bring loads of inspiration our way!

Speaking of inspiration, after recently perusing the work of John Currin, I felt the need to unearth my grandmother's mink from the army of dust bags in my closet.

Currin is a contemporary American painter who is well-known for his new realist paintings of overly-feminized women. In his somewhat allegorical works, women are often depicted in tradition feminine settings and roles, and great attention is given to figure and what they are wearing.

Though many of the works appear to be carefee, they definitely have an undercurrent of meaningless frivolities of modern life.

Currin is admired in the fashion community for his lovely depictions of womens' clothing, like the mink coat in the first image and the crinkled gold lamé dress below.

To complete my Currin look, I paired my grandmother's mink coat with other things I think are decidedly feminine--like a fitted pencil skirt, cheetah print booties, and a collection of vintage brooches. I toughened the look up with a denim chambray shirt.

The heels of my boots kept impaling crunchy fallen leaves.

I'm wearing a Ralph Lauren denim shirt, vintage red leather skirt, DKNY tights, Dollhouse booties, a varied collection of vintage brooches, and my grandmother's mink.

In the spirit of the holiday, I'll leave you with this:

John Currin, Thanksgiving, 2003

May you enjoy a delicious holiday surrounded by the ones you love,
and successful shopping on Friday!

[Currin images from,,,,, respectively.]


  1. I love this!!! I want to drag out the the faux fur I inherited from my grand mother but I would be way to hot. Happy thanks Giving =)

  2. i'm totally love with this mink coat!! beautiful!

  3. Amazing coat! And I love your red skirt! Perfect! And I've never heard of that painter! Great discovery! xoxoxoxoo

  4. perfect boots.
    but I should say that some of Currin's stuff is kinda weird. but art is art, that I know.

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