Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I've never characterized my style as "edgy". However, once in a while, I feel the need to channel bad girl Sandy from the end of Grease. It's pretty empowering to wear heels that cut and shiny pants after a week or so of bright vintage frocks and boyfriend jeans. [Click images to enlarge.]

I found this blouse at the Zachary's Smile attic sale, and immediately noticed the print's resemblance to Abstract Expressionist Clyfford Still's paintings.

With the Abstract Expressionist New York exhibition on view at the MoMA, many new discussions have opened up about the movement.
I thought this article about Clyfford Still's conflicting relationship with the MoMA was particularly entertaining.
These paintings have always been a bit eerie to me, like the paint is slowly creeping around the canvas, and could change at a moment's notice.
I think this blouse definitely captures the creepy feeling, too!

This blouse complements the slick pants pretty well, but I think I'm going to try them with a white eyelet tunic next time for even more contrast.

The metal heels on these shoes are intense--at 6 inches, they are pretty dangerous. No ankles were harmed in the making of these photos.

I'm wearing a vintage blouse, H&M leather pants, and Ruthie Davis platforms.

[Clyfford Still images from,,, and, respectively.]


  1. come and visit so we can go to the exhibition! love these new posts ariel!!!

  2. these photos are incredible!! as always, i'm amazed at the art you find to complement your cool.

  3. the prints are amazing in my opinion. good to know you are still safe after wearing those shoes!