Monday, October 25, 2010


I wore this outfit yesterday in honor of Pablo Picasso's 129th birthday. Arguably the most important artist of the 20th century, Picasso is mostly known for Cubism and political works like Guernica. [Click images to enlarge.]

However, my favorite Picasso pieces are from his earlier Rose Period. The intimate portrayals of harlequins and their families have always fascinated me with their uncharacteristic warmth and peculiar subjects.

A traveling family of circus performers.

What great outfits!

This family portrait is my favorite--that monkey is just too human-like!

I'll admit that I picked this sweater dress off the rack at Goodwill almost solely because it reminded me of Picasso's harlequins. The rose color and diamond motif immediately brought these works to mind. The fact that it is sequined and actually fit me were added bonuses in my decision to spend a whopping $3.99 to take it home.

I'm wearing a vintage sequined sweater dress, Hue tights, and NYLA wedges. I've really been getting a lot of wear out of blue tights recently! The color of these is more Cornflower than last week's Windjammer.

Happy Belated, Picasso!

[Picasso images from,,,, respectively.]


  1. I admire Picasso with all my heart and mind. I spend every summer where he was born, and I can understand his first steps in painting. The Guernica is an awesome painting, but I'm amazed by the drawings he did to prepare the Guernica, and also the ones he did just to experiment with the figures (you can see my post about the drawings here ). appart from that, take a look at "la planchadora" (must be something like the ironing woman in english), it's just delicious

  2. beautiful! i totally see the harlequin inspiration! great tights and great pattern in your sweater!



  3. you've got very nice blog! like your style! check out my blog and if you like it maybe we can follow each other?

  4. Candace linked me to your INCREDIBLE blog! Why in the world aren't you dressing the stars??? YOU ARE AMAZING. Absolutely love the link of fashion and art and believe you could SOOOO totally make a tv show out of this. Keep doing what you do it well. I really believe you and Candace were twins separated at birth -- except I birthed her so I know better! TWO PEAS in a POD!!! Love that you are both living life to the absolute FULLEST!!! Love and Hugs to you, Ariel! Mrs. Rardon

  5. I can honestly say that out of all the blogs I have seen this is the most unique one and inspiring in the Fashion area.
    I love your posts!

    Hope to hear from you,

  6. Ariel, I totally knew something was important about the pattern in your dress. Wow, yes, what an easy 4 bucks to spend, and you must have been going bananas at the moment it caught your eye. Diamonds are a girls best friend:) Keep them coming!

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