Monday, October 18, 2010


Yesterday's outfit started with the color. Bright blue is what I often turn to when I'm in a rut--artistically, stylistically, or otherwise. Behr calls this color Windjammer, which sounds refreshing to me. I am a firm believer that there's nothing a pop of Windjammer can't cure--not even a bad case of the Mondays. [Click images to enlarge.]

I've always admired the use of this color in Matisse's Blue Nude (Souvenir of Biskra). It seems so unnatural to think of outlining the figure in blue, yet it makes so much sense visually and compositionally.

Here is another of Matisse's Blue Nudes from much later on in his career. When he was old and grey and could no longer paint, he resorted to paper cutouts which I think are still very powerful.

I came across this hilarious cartoon by Gordon Gurvan during my image search:

I think the blue tights are just the right accent for what could have been a somewhat blah outfit.

I'm wearing a vintage dress and hat, Topshop tights, a beaded necklace from World Market (worn as a belt), and Juicy Couture leather lace-up booties.

[Matisse images from,,, respectively.]


  1. The blue is amazing. And yes, you do look like a Matisse painting;O) Come by mine when yu have time.


  2. The hat seals the deal!

  3. loveeeeeeeeeeeee that dress on u!!! its super cute..the hat too..

  4. Matisse is one of my idols, a couple years ago I visited an exposition with matisse drawings of his first years, you could see his talent

  5. those blue tights are so cool!
    So bold!

  6. Love the open toed boots exposing the vibrant blue tights. Love love love