Monday, September 13, 2010


Last Wednesday, I attended StyleLikeU's Pre-Fashion Week party. It was a great time to get together before the craziness of the spring shows and meet some of the others featured on the site as well as the StyleLikeU team. For the event, I wore a customized vintage dress (also featured on my StyleLikeU profile), vintage Bloomingdales silk zebra print blazer, Marni wedges, and a Cynthia Rowley purse.

The inspiration for this outfit was one of my favorite contemporary artists, Mickalene Thomas. She creates photographed or collaged interiors of multiple prints and media that allude to or directly represent art historical masterpieces, and replaces their subjects with women of color. The bold floral and zebra print in my outfit really reflects my obsession with her work. [images from and]

The vertical beams of light in the background of this shot are from Tribute in Light, a memorial at the World Trade Center site. They are searchlights that beam into the night representing the two towers that were destroyed on September 11, 2001. These photos were taken on a Brooklyn rooftop and it was really stunning to see how visible the lights were from far away. May we never forget.


  1. The "on purpose mis match" is working really well here, I love the clash of patterns and the colours together. It's amazing, keep it up!

    Puck @

  2. Love the clash of the zebra with the bright florals! You work prints and color like no one I've ever seen! Very stylish!

  3. Ah, this is gorgeous! I'd never be able to pair prints and bright colours like that, but you have pulled it off so well. Also, the art works cited in this post are breathtaking. And might I add, gorgeous shoes.


  4. Great mixture of printed and stripes..
    An explosion of great colours

  5. Love what you do with patterns! This outfit is totally Mickalene Thomas inspired...I loved seeing her works when I went to the Armory show ahwile back. Such crazy talent.

  6. Love all the pattern mixing you look so fabulous!!!