Wednesday, September 29, 2010


In my opinion, a rainy day calls for the opposite in an outfit: something bright and cheery to counteract the gloomy weather. Last weekend, I became reacquainted with some works by Roy Lichtenstein. I've never considered him to be one of my favorite artists, but the bright primaries and bold shapes were something I decided to work into my wardrobe. What could be happier than kindergarten colors on a rainy day?
The print of this jacket really reminds me of some of Lichtenstein's still life paintings, particularly ones inspired by Cubism.

I took these pictures in my backyard, in the rain. Thank goodness for patio umbrellas!
I'm wearing a vintage dress, silk blazer, and belt with neon patent leather Theory shoes.

These shoes are the happiest color, and perfect for the rain. I'll be sad to put them away come winter!
How do you approach rainy days, wardrobe-wise?


  1. Appreciate the weather no matter what it holds and take advantage of the creativiness that inspires that day.

  2. I love all the colors your wearing perfect for gloomy days =)