Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Last weekend, I visited National Harbor in Washington, D.C. for the day. It is a newly-built area on the Potomac River with lots of fun shops, restaurants, and a lovely farmer's market.

There are boats to rent and galleries to browse, but my favorite part of the Harbor was the public art. There are sculptures, mosaics, and mixed-media pieces all over the place. I loved the multicolored mosaics by Cheryl Foster that graced the steps leading to the beach.
The piece-de-resistance is J. Seward Johnson's The Awakening. It is a five-piece sculpture on the beach of the Potomac River of a cast aluminum "man" rising out of the sand. It signifies cultural re-awakening. The fingers are taller than me!

I wore a dress from Zachary's Smile and Deena + Ozzy sandals from Urban Outfitters.

On another note, I'll be attending Evolving Influence, IFB's Fashion Blogger Conference on Thursday. I'm looking forward to hearing from some top bloggers and meeting lots of new ones. I hope to see you there!

[Claudia, myself, and Shirley at the last Evolving Influence conference.]


  1. They started building the harbor when I was a little kid - all kinds of epic plans- but I agree, the best part is the public art! I love being out on a boat and seeing The Awakening, it's kind of glorious!

  2. You are the real star of this post, dear -- I love your bright, swingy dress! So cute.
    xo Josie

  3. Love your dress! Your style is amazing!!!!