Sunday, August 29, 2010


Happy (Unofficial) First Day of School!

I recently ran across this hilarious Back to School sketch by Blake Wright. Blake's blog showcases lots of sarcastic pen and ink drawings, many of which chronicle his obsession with luxury accessories.

I felt simultaneously gratified and inspired by Thirty Shoes From Barneys New York I Can't Live Without Or Afford, and I decided to respond by drawing a wish list of my own. [Click images to enlarge.]

It was actually quite cathartic, scrolling through Barneys Main Floor shoes and drawing my favorites. Aren't shoes just the greatest thing ever? (My wish list totals $22,685.00.) Blake followed up his Barneys drawing by one entitled Five Shoes From Payless That Are In My Budget And My Nightmares. Thank you, Blake, for your amazing drawings and thank you, Barneys, for fueling our desires!


  1. These drawings are awesome! Wearing a good/sexy pair of shoes always makes my day! Great stuff(:


  2. Very cool!!! I'm going to click on over to his blog it looks so fun and shoes are awesome =)

  3. This is so funny... & (sadly) true! Cute post! Nice sketches! Too bad Santa can't spring $22K on each of us! :)